Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Blog Post / The Rock of the Mattress

I wanted to start a blog for the best looking, not to mention fastest Tri team in Savannah. I figured this would be a fun way for us all to share stories, information, product reviews, whatever! Let me know if you want to make a post. So with that, our first post!

I think I will kick this bad boy off with a race report from Rock of the Marne from a different perspective.

For those of you who don't know, the Rock of the Marne is a sprint Triathlon in Savannah that started last fall. The 2nd edition was held on Sunday, June 21st. The event is organized and run by the illustrious Nick Baker, our very own team president. Nick became our president, when our former President Kemp Nussbaum relocated, this was a great day for the team because Kemp was nothing more than a trash talking distraction (although admittedly he was easy on the eyes)!

I was very excited about the Rock, because 2 of my friends from Atlanta were coming down to do the race. In the 1st edition of the race, one of my friends Taylor placed first in our AG and I finished 2nd. This was completely unacceptable and I was out for revenge!

I am currently training for IM Louisville, so the day before the race I had a 90 mile ride. I woke up for this ride at 3:30 in the morning because I knew my friends would want to spend the day at the beach. Being the conniving bastard that I am, I realized that I must wear out my competition, so I checked with our teams very own Dirty Hippy and told her to bring her Kite board to the beach on Saturday so I could try to wear out my buddy and even the playing field.

I got back from my ride and was showered and ready to go around 9:15. At that point in time, me and katherinecantswim started working on lunch. This was my 2nd advantage on my buddy, I was going to make a huge chicken taco and nacho lunch complete with home made margaritas, this was sure to knock his high falutin booty out. Sadly, my buddy was still asleep and I had already completed 91 miles, showered, and started working on lunch... time to hurry up on the margaritas!

After a paralyzingly large lunch, and several margaritas it was time to head to the beach for some more margaritas and some kite boarding. Sadly, Ellen forgot one part, so we had to skip the kite boarding, but there was still plenty of tequila to go around.

After the beach it was back to our place for more drinks and another plate of nachos. Once we polished off our 2nd tray of nachos for the day we decided the only logical way to top of a wonderful day like this was to head to Hucapoos. For those of you who don't know, Hucapoos is a wonderful pizza joint/bar on Tybee. I like to think of it as heaven on earth.

By this time, my long day is really starting to catch up on me and the pitchers of beer are starting to catch up on my buddy. I'm deliriously tired and my friend is deliriously tipsy. We start joking that we should go back to my place have a few more cocktails and skip the race. It started as a joke and quickly turned into a reality. I've never skipped a race and I hardly ever even skip a workout, so this was new territory for me!

Sadly, I must admit that I placed 2nd in the first annual Rock of the Mattress Triathlon, as my friend Taylor slept an amazing 3 hours longer than I did. Don't worry though, Revenge will be mine!

Somebody want to do a real race report?